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Marathon Training in Kenya

Coach Luis Orta travelled to Iten, Kenya early in 2021 to train for a month in the renowned 'Home of Champions'. He was preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and got together a group of talented pacers to help him train and get fit. From his first journey, we created the YouTube Series: Marathon Training in Iten, Kenya, which saw great success and attracted runners worldwide.


The series has now returned with a second and third season, documenting his trip to Africa in March of 2022 and 2023.

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Marathon Training in Kenya | Season02

Our successful YouTube Series Marathon Training in Kenya launched last year with a Season 02 set in Iten, the running mecca of the world. Head to Luis Orta's YouTube channel to watch the new episodes of Season 02 and the new Season 03.


Running Mecca Camp on YouTube

Running Mecca, the umbrella company of My Olympic Coach  aims to invite runners to experience full immersion training camps in the running meccas of the world. Our most recent camp took place in Kenya in March of this year, and we documented it all! Head to YouTube now to watch Part I.

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