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Our Coaching Team

Our coaching team is formed by Olympic marathoners and experts in their field. We have running coaches, nutritionists, and sport psychologists on our team who can help you achieve your running goals and work hand in hand with you for a personalized, guided journey. Learn more about our coaching team and start training with them today.

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Running Coaches

Both our running coaches are Olympic Marathoners and have years of experience in coaching. Learn more about our coaches below.

Luis Orta
CEO & Head Coach
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Daniel Chaves
Assistant Coach
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& Sport Psychology

Our expert team of nutritionists and sport psychologists are also marathoners who coach athletes through their nutrition and mental health journey, both during training and racing.

Andrea Gilmond
Sports Nutritionist & Dietitian
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Paola Giusti
Clinical & Sports Nutritionist
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Vicky Aguilera
Sports Psychologist
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