Each coaching plan consists of a customized and individual training schedule 100% personalized for you and your goals, we offer unlimitted communication though calls, txt, email and our promise is that we will check and comment your training daily.


Our focus is to create a plan that fits your current fitness and your everyday life so that you can maximize your abilities while enjoying the sport.

We use Final Surge, a training app that lets you see your training while being connected to your coach and or nutritionist. FS is compatible to most running watches. 




Do you want a detailed and customized training plan for your next race but don't really need the day to day coaching communication? Then this is the plan for you!

Who needs this?

People that want to have a detailed daily plan of workouts, runs and recovery days but do not need the assistance of a coach.

  • Daily customized training plan

  •   Past training analysis 

  •   Race planning 

  •   Cross -training guidance

  •   Includes one phone call after

$100 Per Month.


Our most comprehensive and inclusive plan. All access to your Olympic coach.

Train, learn, grow, under the assistance of one of our Olympians.

Once paired with the coach, you will not only get the training, but will be free to discuss and get feedback before and after you run.

  • Daily customized training plan

  • Daily check-ups

  • All access email interaction 

  • All access text interaction

  • All access calling interaction

  • Past training analysis

  • Race planning

  • Cross training guidance

$150 Per Month.