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We offer online training coaching to athletes worldwide, using an online platform to assign the trainings. Each coaching plan consists of a customized and individual training schedule, 100% personalized for you and your goals. We also offer unlimited communication though calls, texts and emails. Our promise is that we will check and comment on your training daily. 


Our Philosophy

Our promise is that we will check and comment on your training daily.


Our focus is to create a plan that fits your current fitness and your everyday life so that you can maximize your abilities while enjoying the sport.

How does the online training work?

Once you purchase a training plan on our website, we get you connected with your running coach to begin training right away. The coach will have an initial meeting with you to determine how to mold your training, and assign you a weekly, customized plan in Final Surge. 

We use Final Surge, a training app that lets you see your training while being connected to your coach and/or nutritionist. Final Surge is compatible with most running watches (Garmin, Coros, etc), and will share all your training data with your coach for daily feedback and discussions.

Choose your plan:


Would you like to train with Coach Hiruni Wijayaratne, Daniel Chaves, Mauricio Gonzalez or Luis Orta? Do you live in Miami and prefer in-person training with Coach Daniel?

How to choose your coach:

Both Coaches Luis and Daniel are Olympic marathoners, and Hiruni and Mauricio are our NEW celebrity coaches. All are qualified to help you achieve your running goals.


Running All Access

  • Daily customized training plan

  • Daily check-ups

  • All access email & text interaction 

  • All access calling interaction

  • Past training analysis

  • Race planning

  • Cross training guidance

Receive a comprehensive and inclusive training plan with all-access to your coach Daniel:


/ month



Do note, our training plans are comprehensive and inclusive: they provide all access to your Olympic Coach on a daily basis, as you train, learn, grow, under the close assistance of one of our Olympic coaches.

Once paired with your coach, you will not only get the training, but will be free to discuss and get feedback before and after every training run.



Our training plans work very much like a subscription. Once you subscribe to our services, you'll be enrolled automatically until you decide to cancel. 

Need a break? No problem! Cancel anytime.

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