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Running Mecca

Running Mecca will be the official home of all our training camps moving forward. It's an initiative hosted by My Olympic Coach with the aim of uniting runners worldwide to experience once-in-a-lifetime running adventures in the training meccas of the world. 


For information on our current camp offerings, please visit us in

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Kenya Camp 2024

Head to our website to reserve your spot today.


We host training camps in the running meccas of the world.

Running Mecca is an initiative of My Olympic Coach. Through the past 4 years, we have been hosting running camps around the world for runners who wish to experience the sport in different local and cultural settings.


Our camps are guided by Olympic coaches, and offer the most comprehensive training experience to a small and exclusive groups of 10-12 athletes of all ability levels.


Want to learn about current camps?

Check out the camps we are hosting in 2023, or head to for more information on what our camps offer.


Boulder Summer Training Camp

This year, our Boulder camp will take place in the summer during the month of August of 2023, and will run for three days. Join us for a weekend of running and learning in the Colorado mountains!


Join us for a week in beautiful Iten, Kenya, for the My Olympic Coach 2023 High Altitude Training Camp. Camp registration is now open!

Kenya High Altitude Training Camp


Colombia High Altitude Training Camp

Run with us in the running mecca of South America, for a breathtaking experience in the mountains of Colombia. Our exact camp dates are still being worked out, but you can get in touch with us to register your interest to join this camp.

Join our camps.

Visit to join our upcoming camps and find out more.

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