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The Olympic Coaching Experience
My Olympic Coach is a coaching company that provides a unique and exclusive coaching service by Olympians, with both online and in-person training. Our personalized coaching is open for athletes of every ability level. 

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Kenya Camp 2024 
Learn more about what our camp offers and register today//
Limited availability. 

Visit Kenya with Me
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Dive deep into the Running Mecca Kenya Camp with us! This episode covers the first 4 days of a week long camp and includes: training sessions in legendary places like Moiben Road, Tiren Road, Kamariny Forest, a market trip, a countryside motorbike tour, and a visit to a Masai Mara farm.

Running Unites Us
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In this episode, we revisit the Running Mecca Camp we hosted with 12 athletes from all over the world this past spring. This will give you a behind the scenes recap of what its like to join us for a Kenyan experience. This episode covers days 5-7.

Behind the work we do with our athletes, there's a whole team of dedicated and exceptional professionals specializing in the sports' field and industry. 
Luis Orta
CEO & Head Coach
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Daniel Chaves
Head Coach
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Hiruni Wijayaratne
Celebrity Coach
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Mauricio Gonzalez
Celebrity Coach
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Nutrition &
Sport Psychology 
Andrea Gilmond
Sports Nutritionist & Dietitian
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Paola Giusti
Clinical & Sports Nutritionist
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Vicky Aguilera
Sports Psychologist
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Nate Castner
Creative Director
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Deborah Castellanos
Head of Operations
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& Media 

Our promise to our athletes.


Nine out of ten of our runners went home with one or more personal best times last year, after returning to racing from the pandemic. Our Personal Best Time rates have always been above 90%.


Our team is made up of Olympic Coaches who are all Olympic Marathoners. Our nutritionists and psychologists are also experts in the sports field.


Our training is 100% personalized and specific for each individual runner. Whether you are an elite runner or beginner, our plans are catered to you and your unique development as an athlete.


We offer unlimited communication (text, calls & emails) for a more extensive follow-up of your training. All of our services are offered in both Spanish and English. 


Our promise is to provide daily feedback on all your training sessions. We believe this is a fundamental and integral part in our athletes' success.


Runners of all ability levels, from beginners trying to run their first marathon, to sub-elites. Absolutely every type of athlete is welcomed.

Our CEO's Story

Learn more about

Luis Orta

Running Adventures

For inspiration and running adventures around the globe, check out our running camps in Africa, Latin America and the United States, or visit our YouTube channel for a one of-a-kind series for runners.

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Running Mecca | Running Camps Across the Globe

Apart from our coaching services, we also host running camps in the world's most iconic running meccas, open to all athletes of every ability level. Check out our website for current camp offerings this year!

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Marathon Training in Kenya | The YouTube Series

Our successful YouTube Series Marathon Training in Kenya launched with a Season 02 set in Iten, the running mecca of the world. Head to Luis Orta's YouTube channel to watch the episodes of Season 2 and 3.

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