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I used to be a runner back in college. However injuries prevented me from accomplishing my goals. I decided to start training with Luis and I ran a personal best in the 2017 Chicago Maraton

— Andres, Chicago

I love training with MYolympiccoach, they are by far the best company out there and always have time for your questions and concerns. I recommend training with Luis because he helped me run a 9 minute personal best at the Frankfurt Marathon.

— David, London

I wanted to run a fast 5k to prove to myself I could stil be fast (use to be a runner back in the day) I started training and immediately saw the results. I am very happy with my Olympic coach

— Silvana, Andorra

Roberto, Mexico

I started training with MY OLYMPIC COACH and saw immediate results, not only did I run a personal best in Chicago 2017 but I overcame a constant cramp with the help of their nutritionist Paola.

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