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Sports Psychology - Consultation Level 2


Mental training is a pivotal tool to enhance performance and well being. Cognitive and emotional aspects play a decisive role in the success or failure of athletes. Things such as imagery, self-talk, motivation, arousal regulation or mental strength are skills that can be improved on in order to achieve both athletic and personal goals.

Vicky, our sport psychology consultant, has developed both practical and academic expertise on the field. As a former professional soccer player and amateur runner, she understands the competitive athlete experience from within. Today, she uses that insight and her specialized education to help others excel!

Sport Psychology Plan 2 (recommended for profesional athletes) – $150

  • This Service Includes:


    • Intake interview via Skype (60-90 minutes)

    • Case analysis

    • Mental Skill Training Plan

    • Progress follow-up (Once a week) – Via Email --

    • Unlimited email support

    • Whatsapp consultations

    • Race preparation (2 sessions via Skype of 30-45 minutes to plan for the competition)  

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