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Strength and Conditioning for Runners



  • Online team training program for My Olympic Coach athletes

  • Track fatigue and progression

  • Mobility routine to prime the body for performance

  • Core and strength training to decrease muscular imbalances and  injury risk while improving running economy

  • Easy to follow videos and instructions

  • Unlimited coach feedback from GB International runner Coach Rosie Edwards

  • Designed specifically for endurance runners

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What is included?

  1. Modern training platform:  Our online app consists of personalized videos specifically for runners. With one click you can view a demo video, instructional info and your exercise prescription for the day. This can be viewed on your mobile device or on the computer.

  2. Scheduling: Each week you will receive a weekly plan consisting of 3 sessions. You can complete the workouts at a time that suits your schedule.

  3. Periodized: Your run plan is designed around competition, your strength plan should be no different. Each week your workouts will be updated and tailored towards your training and racing cycle. 

  4. Accountability: Check off as you go to track progress.

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Lifting Barbell


$19.99 Per Month.

Are you part of the team already? We want you healthy, happy and strong, so go ahead and enjoy the team discount price.

Lets do it.
Plank Position

Want More?

$99.99 Per Month.

Are you really committed to staying strong and injury free, want a more personalized coaching plan from coach Rosie? Add this to your running plan and let's achieve your goals together. 

Lets do it.
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